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البحوث المنشورة 2021-2022

Published date: 23 July, 2023

  اسم الباحث عنوان البحث المنشور اسم المجلة العلمية العدد السنة


( سكوباس او كلارفيت)

النوعية (….Q1,Q2,Q3)
1 أ.د.محمد هليل الكعبي Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Enviroment Using Terephthaldehyde Based
on Schiff Base : Gravimetric , Thermodynamic , and Computational studies
Molecules 27 2022 Scopus Q1
3 أ.د.محمد هليل الكعبي corrosion inhibition potential of a new corroison inhibition for mild steel in 1 m hydrochloric acid solution
 determined by weight loss technique , complemented with adsorption studies and DFT calculations
Study Corrosion I+S4:S18ell green peppers 1 2022 Scopus Q1
4 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود + م.سرور مؤيد داود Trade-off decisions in a novel deep reinforcement learning for energy savings in HVAC systems journal of Building performance simulation 6 2022 Scopus Q1
5 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود thermal and hydraulic performances of carbon and metallic oxides-based nanomaterials nanomaterials  12 2022 Scopus Q1
6 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Multi-strategy slime mould algorithm for hydropower multi-reservoir systems optimization Knowledge-Based Systems 250 2022 Scopus Q1
7 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود An innovative clustering technique to hybird modeling of cooling coils for
energy analysis : A case study for control performance in HVAC systems
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 166 2022 Scopus Q1
8 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Numerical study of MHD natural convection inside a cubical cavity loaded with copper-water
nanofluid by using a Non-Homogeneous Dynamic mathematical model
mathematics 10 2022 Scopus Q1
9 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Entropy Generation and statistical Analysis of MHD Hybrid nanofluid Unsteady Squeezing
Flow between Two parallel Rotating plates with Activation Energy
nanomaterials 12 2022 Scopus Q1
10 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود double-diffusive convection on peristaltic flow of hyperbolic tangent nanofluid in
non-uniform channel with induced mangetic field
mathematical methods in the Applied Sciences special issue 2022 Scopus Q1
11 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود dynamics analysis of a novel hybrid deep clustering for unsupervised learning by
reinforcement of multi-agent to energy saving in intelligent buildings
Applied Energy 313 2022 Scopus Q1
12 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Application of the ANOVA method in the optimization of a thermoelectric cooler-based dehumidifiction system  Energy Reports 8 2022 Scopus Q1
13 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Describing functions approach with PID controller to reduce nonlinear action JEER 10 2022 Scopus Q1
14 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Efficient heat transfer augmentation in channels with semicircle ribs and hybrid Al2O3-Cu/water nanofluids nanomaterials 12 2022 Scopus Q1
15 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Thermoliydraulic analysis of covalent and noncovalent functionalized graphene
nanoplatelets in circular tube fitted with turbulators 
Scientific reports 12 2022 Scopus Q1
16 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود masonry in the context of sustainable building : A review of the brick role in architecture sustainability 14 2022 Scopus Q1
108 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود A singnificant role of activation energy and fourier flux on the Quadratically radiated sphere in low
and high conductivity of hybird nanoparticles
symmetry 14 2022 Scopus Q1
17 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Energy saving by reinforcement learning for multi-chillers of HVAC systems IMDC-IST special issue 2022 Scopus Q1
18 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Thermal analysis of graphene based nanofluids for energy system and economic feasibility   Research square 2022 2022 Scopus Q1
19 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود + م.سرور مؤيد داود HVAC system modeling and control methods: a review and case study‏ Journal of Energy Management and Technology 6 2022 مجلة دولية Q1
20 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Numerical and experimental evaluation of thermal enhancement using zinc nano-suspensions in a square flow passage‏ Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry special issue 2022 Scopus Q1
21 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Deep Clustering of Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning to Optimize
Multi Chiller HVAC Systems for Smart Buildings Energy Management 
Journal of building Engineering 65 2022 Scopus Q1
22 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Machine-learning optimization of an innovative design of a li-ion battery arrangement cooling system Journal of Energy storage 58 2022 Scopus Q2
23 م.م.احمد موسى عمران Reservoir and fluid type determination by using equation of state / Mishrif formation / Halfaya oil field  AIP Conference Proceedings  2443, 030004 2022 Scopus Q1
24 أ.د.عماد حسن رضا Marine Geophysical Study to Explore the Seafloor Bathymetry and Geological Features at
 the Iraqi Corridors , Northwestern Arabian Gulf
pure and Applied Geophsics 179 2022 Web of science Q2
25 م.م.محمد احمد شهاب Development and Investigation of photoactive WO3 nanowire-based Hybird Membranes catalysts 12 2022    
26 م.د.هيفاء رحيم عبد الكريم Mid-infrared photoluminescence revealing internal quantum efficiency enhancement of
type-I and type-II InAs core/shell nanowires
optics letters 19 2022 Scopus Q1
27 م.د.نبيل كاظم عبود Effect of SiO2 nanoparticles + 1-dodecyl-3-methyl imidazolium chloride on the IFT and
wettability alteration at the presence of asphaltenic-synthetic oil
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 12 2022 Web of science Q2
28 م.د.نبيل كاظم عبود Investigation on the effect of CuO nanoparticles on the IFT and wettability alteration at
the presence of [C12mim][Cl] during enhanced oil recovery processes
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 12 2022 Web of science Q2
29 م.م.وسام هادي مهوس well log interpretation and petrophysical modeling to Evaluate Zubair Reservoir in North-Rumaila Oil Field Iraqi Geological Journal 55 2022 مجلة محلية N/A
30 أ.م.د.عباس عبد الأمير Adaptive CSMA scheduling algorithm for queuing delay enhancement and energy optimization Ad Hoc Networks 134 2022 Scopus Q1
123 م.م.ياسمين سالم مطرود  العطبي حق  المرأة في  التعليم في ضوء الشريعة الاسلامية  مجلة آداب البصرة    2022 مجلة محلية N/A
124 م.م.ايمان فيصل عبد الكريم التنظيم القانوني لمسؤولية المترجم المدنية ( دراسة مقارنة) مجلة دراسات البصرة   2022 مجلة محلية N/A
125 م.د.ميساء نوري شهاب  The Impact of Drilling Operation Parameters on the Lost Circulation Problems for Oil and Gas Wells Based on Field Data وقائع المؤتمر العلمي الثالث والعلمي الخامس 2022. Loc, 3.Int. 28 2022 مجلة محلية N/A
126 ا.د. سميرة محمد صالح Study of the ecology of the open saaces of the waterrfront of the shatt AL- Arab Corniche in Basra Governorate Neuro Qunatology 20 2022 Scopus Q3
127 ا.د. سميرة محمد صالح   Pianning and  designing open spaes for the Waterfront of shatt AL AL-Arab  corniche area in Basra Governorate International journal of Health Sciences  6 2022 Scopus Q3
128 ا.م.د. محمد عبد الوهاب طاهر + م.م.علي داود سلمان Studying the extraction of scandium(III) by macrocyclic compounds from aqueous solution using optimization technique International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 19 2022 Scopus Q2
129 م.م.مناف عدنان عيدان 1,4-pentanediol : vapor pressure , density , viscosity , refractive index , and its isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium with 2-methyitetrahydrofurane journal of chemical & engineering data 6 2022    
130 م.م.خلدون كاظم هاشم العنف والتمرد وظاهرة الانا في شعر الجواهري دراسة تحليلية نقدية مجلة بحوث العلوم الانسانية 34 2022 مجلة دولية  
131 م.م.حيدر حسن + أ.م.وهام اسهير لفته Extraction of essential oil from zingiber officinale and statistical optimization of process parameters  RSC Advances 8 2022    
132 م.م.إسماعيل رعد عبد الباقي Performance comparision between fixed tilt angle and solar tracking system at Basra governorate : A Case study Indonesian J.of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 26 2022 Scopus Q3
133 م.م.رسل خالد عبد Estimating Pitting Corrosion Depth and Density on Carbon steel (C-4130) using artificial neutral networks Journal of Engineering 28 2022    
134 م.م.محمد احمد شهاب Preparation and photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanowire-Based Self-Supported Hybrid membranes Molecules 27 2022    
135 أ.م.د.وهام اسهير لفته Preparation and Cheracterization of bio-film composite based on high densitypolyethylene and oil palm trunk fiber Polymers and Polymer composites 30 2022    
136 م.د.حكمت عبد الرحيم علي +م.م.علي صالح لعيبي Study Corrosion Inhibitor for carbon steel alloy in salt environment by Using natural copound extracted from bell green peppers Internationnal J. of Mechanical Engineering 7 2022    
137 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Thermophysical properties prediction of carbon-based nano-enhanced phase change materials using various machine learning methods Journal of  the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers   2023 Scopus Q1
138 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود An Enhanced Multioperator Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Optimizing Complex Water Engineering Problems MDPI 15 2023 Scopus Q1
139 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Energy and cost management of different mixing ratios and morphologies on mono and nanofluids in collector technologies Engineering Applications of computational fluid mechanics 17 2023 Scopus Q2
140 أ.د. رعد زعلان حمود Influence of water based binary composite nanofluids on thermal performance of solar thermal technologies:sustainability assessments Engineering Applications of computational fluid mechanics 17 2023 Scopus Q1
141 أ.م.د. حسين علي خضر العيداني Using Densenet121 to Extract From Satellite Image International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications   14 2023 Web of science Q2
142 أ.م.حسين عليوي جفيت Using mud gas while drilling analysis to predict reservoir fluid characteristics of the
Zubair reservoir in North Rumaila field, southern Iraq
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 9 2023 Scopus Q2
143 م.م.ابراهيم ناصر محمود A proposed model for E-learning adaptability measurement during COVID-19 pandemic using data mining techniques International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) 17 2023 Scopus Q2
144 م.م.محمد احمد شهاب virus and bacterial removal ability of Tio2 nanowire-based self-supported hybrid mombranes Arabian Journal of chemistry 16 2023 Web of science  
145 م.د.ميساء نوري شهاب  Image log facies and lost circulation of the Dammam Formation in Rumaila Oil Field, Southern Iraq المجلة الجيولوجية العراقية 56 2023 Scopus Q3
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